Join the mission to reverse mining.

We make grid batteries from used EVs with intelligent robotics to electrify the world

Our mission is to scale battery reuse as the largest source of the next billion batteries.


The problem is that batteries are challenging to reuse today because supply is constrained by expensive shipping, non-standard testing, and dangerous disassembly by hand.


We ship used batteries, test how good they still are, and dismantle them at 50% of the cost.
We do this by automating the process for all types of EV batteries using machine learning and robotics. Then we turn them into cheap, on-demand, and modular grid storage systems.


Our vision is to deploy the next billion batteries made from used batteries as its largest manufacturer.It will reduce the need for mining and new manufacturing while preventing 7 Gtons of CO2e emissions to power a truly clean energy revolution.

The Bonobo Robot

To achieve this mission, we build cognitive robots called Bonobo that automatically diagnose, discharge and disassemble EV-batteries using ML-based analytics and intelligent robotics. The first-generation robotic system will automatically assess the battery’s state-of- health, perform safe discharging, and remove covers from arbitrary battery packs (500kg). It then disassembles these batteries from the pack level (500 kg) down to the module- level (25 kg). Bonobo can take batteries apart 4x faster and safer than a human at 6x the throughput, leading to 50% lower unit economics.

Join the early team

We are launching the 4’500 sq ft pilot facility in Los Angeles. You can join the early team in robotics-, battery & software engineering as well as in business development & operations roles. You will shape the company trajectory from day one, build groundbreaking technology, and launch the first pilots with customers alongside a talented team to leave the world better than you found it. Think you’re a real badass? Apply today and join the warehouse party to scale battery reuse to deliver the next billion batteries!

What we value.

Conscious Leadership

We think about the early team member as another co-founder that thinks life is great. You can take care of yourself, the people around you, and the world you live in. You dare to make decisions in ambiguity, you reason from scratch to first concepts smoothly, and you can bring people with you to achieve great things together.

Transparent Curiosity

You foresee the world you want to live in and you look at the world with wonder & awe. You are a strong independent thinker and go out to find the data to test your hypotheses. You are open to discussing this in a group with different perspectives to find the right answer together.

Generalist Expert

You have done extraordinary things at the top of your field. It could be by building bad-ass products, doing cutting-edge research, or helping startups grow fast. You’re exceptionally good in one field and have multidisciplinary experience in others. You love design problems integrating various disciplines.

Pioneering Builder

You can start on a blank sheet of paper and reason towards solutions to problems that have not been solved before. You choose to build a quick prototype, run a simulation, or deploy a data model, instead of over-optimizing on theory. You’re not afraid to build, experiment, and learn. It is the way that leads to the best products fastest.

Resourceful Hustler

You get hard things done quickly and learn from doing on the job. You are not afraid to fail or get rejected as long as you get the right answer in the long run. You can fix things fast and cheaply by calling your buddy from high school and emailing your faraway aunt.

Open Positions.


Head of Robotics

Los Angeles

Machine Perception Engineer

Los Angeles

Mechatronics Engineer

Los Angeles

Robotic Controls Engineer

Los Angeles


Battery Cell Engineer

Los Angeles

Battery Management Systems Engineer

Los Angeles

Data ML Engineer

Los Angeles

Experimental Physicist

Los Angeles

Head of Battery Engineering

Los Angeles


Business Associate

Los Angeles

Head of Business Development

Los Angeles

Office Manager

Los Angeles

Operations Lead

Los Angeles

What we offer.

Impact from day one

You will have a direct impact on Bonobo’s system design and delivery of the real-world prototype. You will gain valuable startup experience in deploying products on the edge of robotics, ML, and batteries. We iterate fast, learn by experimenting, and ship products to customers directly. If we succeed in our mission, the planet benefits massively.

High risk = high reward

If we succeed, you succeed. You will help shape the trajectory of the company and will grow along with it. You can benefit from an outsized upside as the company scales. You will take on a growing responsibility in technology, recruiting, sales and leadership. It will help you build your startup idea one day.

Part of the early team

You work in the early team closely with the co-founders that build products for Tesla and Lightyear with experience in product development, B2B sales and team building. We help you achieve your personal career goals by shaping and tracking development targets and connecting you to our network of top people in robotics, battery technology, and ML. We support your skill set with online coursework and participation in conferences and workshops in your domain.

Competitive compensation

As a young startup, we offer close to market-competitive salaries and a generous equity package that can turn into outsized rewards as we grow over time.

Sounds exciting?

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Have a question?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

You can drop us a message at If you already found what you’re looking for, feel free to apply directly through the career page.

We are based in Los Angeles in our 4’500 sq ft pilot facility. We’re with three team members and actively recruiting the core team of 8 engineers and business folks this year to join us in building the prototype of Bonobo and operationally preparing for customer pilots.

We’ve raised Silicon Valley venture funding up till Q4 2023. We aim to extend this with government grants. It will take us up to our next seed round.

We plan to deliver the fully integrated prototype of our cognitive robotic system, called Bonobo. It proves battery recognition, performs robotic handling routines, and demonstrates automated cover removal. It enables us to set up operational pilots to prove this technology on the first series of used battery packs in customer pilots.

We are developing to run the automated disassembly actions in simulations, so we can deploy it on the physical prototype system. We are growing a dataset of images and laser-scanned 3D models of battery packs. We trained a computer vision model to recognize battery models and map out screws, wires, covers, and harnesses. We are ready to deploy this on our robotic systems, perception cameras and battery testing hardware in the pilot facility to validate simulations in the real world and launch the first dismantling robots.

We are shaping Pilot Agreements with automotives to run battery disassembly, diagnostics, and discharging operations. We collect battery data and have access to operational facilities. It enables us to automate the process for them. We expect this will convert to processing the first commercial battery volumes.

No, we prefer to work with each other in the same space as it is a tightly integrated technology and operational project that involves robots, software, and batteries. It requires close and open communication, quick product iterations, and collaborative problem-solving. We are open to starting with hybrid working in the first month(s) while we give you time to relocate and get settled here. We can find the right balance between office work and work from home, once you are relocated.