Explore our open positions in robotics, battery engineering and business & operations to start making an impact. 

Our vision is to become the leading maker of zero-impact batteries by building 1 million batteries per year by 2035.

Leave the world better than you found it.


We are co-conspirators and collaborators with a shared vision to make batteries eternal and reverse mining.

We are engineers and operators, creatives, athletes, and environmentalists.

We value hard work, humor, speed, and grit, but also collaboration, respect and empathy.

Our Team

Wiebe Janssen


Wiebe designed the battery packs for Tesla Model X/3 and the 450-mile range EV powertrain for the solar-electric vehicle Lightyear One, which received Time Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions 2019 and Auto Bild Awards.

Ray Ma


Ray makes the robot move to disassemble the batteries with a focus on end effectors and grippers. He has a PhD in robotics from Yale and a BSc from MIT. He has built robots at NASA JPL and 3D printer technology at 3DEO.

Ryan Yao


Ryan assesses cell health with non-intrusive methods for potential second life applications. He has a background in data science and chemical engineering from UC Berkeley and battery cell development experience at QuantumScape and Tesla.

Kehau Gregory


Kehau oversees the facility, recruiting and culture. Over the past decade, she has helped small businesses scale in business and people operations. Prior to UE, Kehau ran operations at social impact agency, Propper Daley.


1. We apply reason and first principles thinking to solve one of the world's most existential problems.

We innovate beyond incremental improvements. To solve the climate crisis we need to question assumptions, defy limitations, and pursue bold solutions.

2. We solve for impact by working fast, scaling quickly and designing for massive change.

We dare to make decisions in ambiguity, and discover solutions through focused work, fast action and effective communication. We use experimentation, critical thinking and analysis to build with confidence.

3. Teams win championships, not players.

We play to our strengths and collaborate through our weaknesses. We tackle problems by working together and integrating various disciplines. We debate, brainstorm, and make decisions by being critical of the issue at-hand but never of the individual.

4. We care deeply about building community.

Whether giving back or paying it forward, we invest in meaningful relationships with the people and places connected to our operations. Scaling our mission not only requires superior economics and technology, but also partnering with the right stakeholders.    

5. Life is not only about work.

We live balanced lives, integrating health, family and fun. We connect with nature and lead by example. Some of us drive electric cars or eat vegan-curious diets, but we ALL make every effort to minimize our environmental footprint.


– Competitive salary + equity
– Impactful work
– Health, vision and dental benefits
– 401K, financial wellness & planning
– Flexible PTO
– Career development program and skill building
– Grow with the company trajectory
– Casual and inclusive work environment
– Ridiculously fun company offsites

Impact from day one

You’ll gain valuable experience in engineering, business or operations by deploying products on the edge of robotics, ML and batteries.

High risk = high reward

If we succeed, you succeed. You will help shape the trajectory of the company and will grow along with it.

Part of the early team

You will work closely with those who build products for Tesla, Quantumscape and NASA. We help you achieve your career goals.


Our ambitious vision requires leaders, scientists, generalists, builders, and hustlers excited by the challenge of solving difficult problems never solved before through long days of dedicated work.

Developing technology for global impact is not for the faint of heart.

Conscious Leader

 You think like a co-founder and stay optimistic in the face of adversity. You take care of yourself and the team around you. You make decisions in ambiguity and motivate people to achieve great things together.

Curious Scientist

You are a strong independent thinker who looks at the world with wonder. You gather the data to test your hypotheses and debate different approaches to find the right answer together.

Expert Generalist

You are have done extraordinary things in one field and have multidisciplinary experience in others. You approach problem solving by integrating various disciplines.

Pioneering Builder

You can start on a blank page and reason towards a solution. You build a prototype quickly instead of over-optimizing on theory. You’re not afraid to experiment and learn.

Resourceful Hustler

You get things done quickly by learning on the job. You prefer bold action and aren’t afraid of rejection – selling starts with “no”. You think outside the box to find creative solutions.



Machine Perception Engineer

Los Angeles

Robotics Software Engineer

Los Angeles



Business Associate

Los Angeles


Have another question? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

We are based in sunny Los Angeles at our 4500 sq ft pilot facility. In the heart of Silicon Beach, we are surrounded by like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs. Our neighbors are some of the brightest minds in climate tech, robotics, and manufacturing.

We prefer to work with each other in the same space as our tightly integrated technology involves robots, software, and batteries. It requires close and open communication, quick product iterations, and collaborative problem-solving. If you are relocating to LA, we are open to starting with hybrid work during the first month(s) while we give you time to get settled. We find the right balance between office work and work from home.

We are shaping pilot agreements with EV OEMs, fleets and battery manufacturers to dismantle, discharge and sort used batteries. We expect this will convert to processing the first commercial battery volumes.

We are developing a battery testing and robotic dismantling prototype. Computer vision recognizes the battery, machine learning recommends a dismantling sequence from pack to module. The modules are discharged of residual energy and cells tested for health, lifetime and economic value. Cells are sorted for remanufacturing for EVs, repurposing for grid storage or recycling.

All time off requires approval so we may manage who is out of the office. We offer about 30 days a year of paid time off, excluding sick days.

Yes, it is one of our top priorities to make sure our team feels supported, both in current and future endeavors. A career development strategy, including 1:1 coaching, mentorship with experts in your field, professional development through courses and conferences, will help you to excel and grow. 

We will. Beginning in the Fall 2024, we will offer internship opportunities to qualified candidates in engineering and business operations.

If you already found the role you’re looking for, feel free to apply directly through the Open Positions page. Still have a question?  Drop us a message at


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